Let us humbly follow Christ, our great leader, and take His work for our rule of faith and practice.

Our Pastor

Bishop Francis S. Myles

A true man of God, called to be a watchman over God’s eternal flock, is not made over-night, but is nurtured, developed, molded, and groomed by God Himself, and the Lord Jesus Christ, through the divine power of the Holy Ghost.  We are blessed to have such one: “Our Pastor”, Bishop Francis Samuel Myles, Sr.

Bishop Myles was born on April 15, 1934 in Washington, D.C.  He is the third child of eight children to the late Mr. John and Helen Myles.  Raised in Maryland, under the guidance of saved parents, he received his primary and secondary schooling at Ridgley Elementary and Bates High School, respectively.   He would later return for post-secondary education and receive a master’s equivalency in Horticulture.  He has also completed several courses at the Washington Bible College.

Following the death of his father in 1949, Bishop Myles, at the age of fifteen, assumed the responsibility of head of the household, providing for his mother and five younger siblings.  The family was poor, and making a living on a farm was hard work, but the Lord provided.  When the United States Army called for services, Bishop Myles was exempted because of the great responsibility he had at home.  This too, was in the plan of God, for even then, he was being prepared for a greater work:  to feed the flock of God’s sheep!

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